Fast growing trend-led accessories brand, BaubleBar, has revolutionized its batch picking and single item orders – for much greater throughput – after switching up to cloud-based SnapFulfil.

The New York-based company, which specializes in affordable yet desirable statement jewelry, recently ditched its inflexible and expensive-to-modify warehouse management system (WMS) for Synergy’s functionally rich and highly configurable SnapFulfil solution.

Shipping around 30,000 orders per month from its 40,000 sq ft New Jersey distribution center, BaubleBar has achieved an outstanding 10-fold increase in its pick rate, whilst maintaining 100% accuracy, since implementing SnapFulfil. In addition to successfully scaling up its B2B and wholesale channels, the company has also experienced up to a 30% jump in ecommerce/D2C sales.

SnapFulfil’s ‘SPIM’ is the favorite (and game changing) form of functionality for Maritza Mejia, Senior Operations & Customer Care Director at BaubleBar, because it facilitates streamlined and highly accurate single order line processing of multiple products. It also works in tandem with any other rules regarding stock availability and picking priority.

Maritza explains: “It’s quickly given us incredible efficiency and noticeable workflow and volume gains. Our picking rate has quickly gone up from 40 to 400 per hour, eliminating the previous bottlenecks and limitations of the old system.

“A custom made-to-order (MTO) program also allows our warehouse associates to easily pick unique items (without unique SKUs and sales tags) and track individual POs, inventory and order fulfillment through the WMS for the first time. We’ve only started scratching the surface, but with the real time data now available it will be our go-to business model and blueprint for the future and will triple the size of our business, for sure.”

Another big and immediate efficiency gain is in full retail compliance labels and shipping via the SnapFulfil WMS, instead of being externally managed. It customizes templates based on order profile, labor and administration costs and automatically generates a SSCC number per carton.

Maritza adds: “We work with demanding big box fulfillers like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Neiman Marcus, Ross Stores, Zappos, Burlington - and the generic labels created by the old system were basically useless. Our warehouse associates had to stop picking and manually create/print them each time, which was very time consuming and labor intensive.”

BaubleBar’s implementation was all handled remotely, giving them further time, money and resource savings and also coincided with a new ERP (NetSuite) and Shopping Cart – both of which directly integrate with SnapFulfil.

They are also able to ramp up and down on SnapFulfil licenses – and during seasonal peaks have the demand and capacity to scale up from 15-20 to 100-150 users per day.