In recognition of World Sleep Day 2019, taking place today, Friday 15 March, global aviation services group Air Partner has been running a week of activities to help its employees learn about fatigue and the impact it can have on day-to-day performance.

World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important related issues, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. The day is of particular importance to Clockwork Research, an Air Partner company that specialises in managing the risks associated with human fatigue.

Over the course of the week, Air Partner employees have received tips on a range of sleep-related topics, including caffeine intake, midweek power naps and meditation. Rooms have been set up as designated napping areas and staff have been encouraged to fill out a caffeine calculator, as well as practice breathing and relaxation techniques.

Clockwork Research is a leading fatigue risk management consultancy, based in London. Part of the Consulting & Training division of the Air Partner Group alongside aviation safety experts Baines Simmons, the company has over 15 years of experience in helping safety critical organisations manage the risk of fatigue in their operations.

The team specialises in providing innovative and effective fatigue risk management solutions, working with clients across various sectors of the aviation industry, as well as other safety-critical operating environments, such as the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. Their approach is founded upon a scientific understanding of the impact of human fatigue on safety-critical operations, combined with extensive industry experience and an appreciation of commercial realities.

Clockwork Research regularly produces white papers on the topic of fatigue, which can be found here. Its paper “Cognitive Effects of Sleep Loss” is particularly pertinent to World Sleep Day, and looks at how much sleep loss affects us the next day and over the subsequent week, and how we can we adapt to less sleep and overcome the negative impacts of obtaining less than we need.

Dr Alexandra Holmes, Research Director at Clockwork Research, said: “People are increasingly working round-the-clock and juggling this and home life can be especially challenging, often coming at the expense of sleep. In acknowledgement of this year’s World Sleep Day, we have provided all of Air Partner’s employees with information, insights and tips on how to improve sleep quality, which can easily be incorporated into their daily lives.”