AirBridgeCargo Airlines has successfully gained its IATA CEIV Pharma re-certification following two-day audit procedures for compliance with IATA’s Center of Excellence for Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification program. The audit, which was carried out IATA’s representing company, was held at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport which serves as a cargo hub for ABC operations and also covered all internal process of the company concerning transportation of pharmaceutical products. 

Fedor Novikov, Deputy General Director, Special Products said: “Three years ago we became the first airline in Russia to get IATA CEIV Pharma certification, which served as a trigger for further dynamic development of our dedicated ‘abc pharma’ product. Not only have we managed to achieve more than 20% uptick of pharma shipment for the first eight months of 2019 and leveraged around 22,500 tonnes of pharmaceutical products, but we have significantly improved our service quality through continuous personnel training, collaboration with like-minded certified partners, and by following the path of digitalization to achieve higher pharmaceutical handling excellence”.

For the last five years, ABC has built its abc pharma network to support its high-quality service, with 18 QEP and 6 IATA CEIV certified stations. Apart from reliable partners, the company counts on up-to-date cold-chain special packaging solutions to maintain the required temperature for pharmaceutical products and is cooperating with the leading manufacturers of temperature-controlled containers. Additional monitoring is guaranteed by data loggers, TPED devices, and data-collection equipment embedded in sophisticated containers. 

Following its lifelong learning approach, ABC pays attention to proper personnel training to upgrade their qualifications both for its team and partners' specialists. So far in 2019 more than 150 specialists have been trained in-house, with 44 of them being from ground handling companies.