SINGAPORE - APL today announced the launch of the Eagle Express X (EXX) service, a new weekly China – US West Coast ocean freight product. Boasting X Factor when it comes to speed of delivery, the EXX service promises a hassle-free customer experience, an expeditious 11-day transit from Shanghai to Los Angeles; as well as swift cargo discharge with next day availability at an off-dock facility. 

“APL’s new EXX service underlines our commitment to keep enabling our shippers’ desired speed to market and supply chain predictability for the critical competitive advantage. Designed to live up to APL’s hallmark of service excellence, the EXX service also promises certainty of equipment and space at direct Asian load ports; as well as guaranteed chassis in Los Angeles,” said Jesper Stenbak, Senior Vice President of APL’s Trans-Pacific Trade.

To facilitate ease of cargo collection, a dedicated off-dock facility will house local imports that arrive on the EXX service in Los Angeles. This offers flexibility to customers for convenient 24/7 cargo pick up even during peak hours.

Strategically routed to call the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Dutch Harbour, Yokohama and Busan, the EXX service will commence sailing from Shanghai in July 2018.

Stenbak added, “An exclusive APL service outside of the OCEAN ALLIANCE, the EXX service is a valuable addition to APL’s stronghold Trans-Pacific trade where we grew well above the market at 21% in 2017. Our customers will not only find themselves yet another choice option to the US West Coast but also one that hits the market sooner. Meanwhile, westbound shippers from Dutch Habour where only few exclusive services call, can count on the EXX service for fast market access to Yokohama and Busan.”

The launch of EXX follows the success of APL’s exclusive Eagle Express (EX1) service. Including the EXX service, APL will be offering a total of 24 services in the Trans-Pacific trade. Currently, APL offers 18 services as part of the OCEAN ALLIANCE and five services outside the alliance.  Each week, APL sees 15 services plying the key markets across Asia and North America West Coast; as well as eight services calling the ports between Asia and North America East Coast.

XX Port Rotation

Eastbound: Ningbo - Shanghai - Los Angeles

Westbound: Los Angeles - Dutch Harbor - Yokohama - Busan - Ningbo

The new EXX service is set to commence sailing from Shanghai and Ningbo in July 2018.