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Klinge unveils new NMR-075 refrigeration unit for tricons

Author: AJOT | Aug 11 2011 at 08:00 PM | Category: Air Cargo  

Klinge Corporation unveiled their new refrigeration unit for Triple Containers, or tricons.

The tricon is configured so when three are adjoined, the footprint is that of a standard 20’ ISO container.

This means ultimate versatility as the tricon can be transported by itself when configured with two other tricons. Due to its small size, the tricon has the added benefits of making cargo easily accessible, reducing the time needed to prepare for deployment, and organizing cargo more effectively.

Klinge Corporation’s Model NMR-075 refrigeration unit provides sufficient heating capacity to maintain 0’F (-17.8’C) to +40’F (+4’C). The unit is designed for handling refrigerated or frozen cargo in an ambient temperature up to 125’F (+52’C) and as low as -35’F 

Allan Klinge, Senior Project Manager at Pennsylvania-based Klinge Corporation, said: ‘Our NMR-175 uses R134-A in order to ensure proper cooling at this wide range of temperatures while also operating within the pressure ranges specified by the compressor manufacturers.’

‘Additionally, the unit uses electric heat for defrost of the evaporator coil in low ambient temperatures. Without electric heat, effective and quick defrost would not be possible at extremely low temperatures,’ continued Mr Klinge.

Rugged and Reliable Design
The company has many years experience designing their equipment to meet the stringent requirements of armed forces across the globe. Klinge Corporation has delivered equipment to the Bangladeshi Military for a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Darfur and the Hungarian Military. Most recently, Klinge Corp designed 10’ and 20’ refrigerated containers to replace the Australian Defence Force’s field refrigeration distribution and storage system.

‘The design of our tricon refrigeration solution applies many of the same concepts, components, and assemblies as our unit that passed a number of military tests for the Australian Defence Force. The testing regime included Ambient Temperature, Vibration, Driving Rain, Salt/Corrosion, and Humidity Tests,’ said Klinge Corp Sales Manager Jason Flynn.

‘This is a complex, compact, and powerful unit built for the harsh conditions encountered by military forces around the world,’ added Mr Flynn.

At a weight of 485 pounds (220 kg), the NMR-075 is 53 in (1346 mm) wide and 41-3/8 in (1051 mm) tall. The refrigeration unit has the benefit of being one piece, with the condenser and evaporator sections being housed in the same section. The NMR-075 is accessible from the front of the tricon and controls are placed to allow for ease of operation for all soldiers, Electromechanical components are also placed near the front of the unit to allow for easy maintenance and servicing.

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