Liebherr has been a customer of Broekman Logistics since mid-year. The company searched for a logistics partner due to space constraints at the Liebherr location in Oberopfingen, Germany. After an intensive tender process, Liebherr ultimately chose Broekman Logistics. Both companies are very pleased with the initial months of collaboration.

CEO Rik Pek of Broekman Logistics: "After an intensive tender process, we were chosen by Liebherr as their logistics partner for the European market. Liebherr recognizes us as the expert in the transport, storage, and assembly of machines and spare parts. This validates our new strategic approach, wherein Broekman Logistics focuses even more specifically on logistics services in the market segments of machinery, industrial, and chemicals.”

Activities for the European market

Broekman Logistics is responsible for Liebherr’s machine parts and components. Examples of products in this category include hydraulic excavators, crawler cranes, and telescopic handlers. For these machines, Broekman Logistics supplies spare parts to the European market. This involves approximately 45,000 different parts being transported and stored for these machines. An estimated 130,000 outbound orders are expected to be processed each year.

An easy choice for Liebherr

The Liebherr Oberopfingen location in Germany lacked sufficient space to accommodate growth. The company sought a logistics specialist to assist them in achieving their strategic objectives through supply chain solutions. As an industry expert in machine and spare parts, and with extensive experience in outsourcing projects for the first time, Broekman Logistics proved to be the best choice.

Head of Operations Management at Liebherr, Bastian Gauer: "At Liebherr, we are highly pleased with the initial months with Broekman Logistics as our logistics partner. The company aligns perfectly with our strategic objectives, given their extensive experience in the storage and assembly of machines and spare parts. We look forward to further collaboration."

Forward-looking plans

This marks the beginning of a strategic partnership between Broekman Logistics and Liebherr. Research is conducted to explore potential expansion of services into other divisions and partnerships with the Indian market, aligning with Broekman Logistics' recent strategy refinement. Additionally, Liebherr anticipates significant annual growth, resulting in an increase in tasks for Broekman Logistics.