This month CartonCloud has introduced three major new releases for their Warehouse & Transport Management System Mobile App.

CartonCloud’s integrated WMS&TMS software has helped over 450 companies worldwide, to stream,ine operations, automate data and invoicing, and grow their businesses with ease. The cloud-based web and mobile apps provide seamless and intuitive management across warehouse and transport operations, giving teams the tools they need in the palm of their hands.

This month, the logistics tech innovators have enhanced CartonCloud’s functionality, with the release of three major new features on our mobile app, which give teams the ability to track, optimize, and enhance their operations with end-to-end management.

“We’re logistics people too, and that is something that gives our software an edge,” said CartonCloud founder and CEO Vincent Fletcher.

“CartonCloud was created as a solution, to simplify our own operations in the warehouse and transport space, with the functions and workflows we actually needed. Since then, fast forward over a decade on, and CartonCloud is now used by hundreds of companies worldwide, with thousands of daily users.

We work closely with them to continue to enhance our design, build new features, and innovate new ways of managing operations so that they can get more hours back in the day, and grow their businesses.”

The new Mobile App Features add several significant enhancements for order picking, task allocation, end-to-end pallet handling, enhanced control over pallet charging, and details tracking and management of end-to-end serial reference handling.