Extends the focus to helping corporate fleets obtain financial flexibility

Financial Wellness Month is observed throughout January each year and was created to remind people to pay closer attention to their financial wellbeing. With the continued challenges to the overall economy and companies with transportation fleets, Fleet Advantage is extending the focus of Financial Wellness Month by offering a complimentary financial analysis of their fleet operations, including a lease versus purchase analysis.

As part of their Asset Management solutions, Fleet Advantage conducts a Fleet Modernization Study to directly address key operational and financial areas and provides recommendations for cost savings. The study analyzes a multitude of data points including a fleet’s performance and utilization and current cost per mile (CPM), factoring in depreciation, finance, maintenance, repair, and used truck values. Each of these areas are critical in promoting better safety, economic competitiveness, life cycle flexibility and quality of life for drivers and other motorists.

Fleet Advantage also works with organizations to review their procurement strategy and key financial metrics. The company offers detailed and thorough lease versus purchase analysis, which helps fleets determine whether to finance their trucks through lease programs that enable shorter trade cycles, and also continuously reviews different lease structure types such as an unbundled lease versus a full-service lease, which locks organizations into a long-term contract with no flexibility on costs for fuel and maintenance even when market conditions fluctuate. According to a recent industry benchmarking survey, nearly half of respondents (42%) are leasing trucks today, up from 31% a year ago. Furthermore, the government’s slight 20% reduction to bonus depreciation effective 2023 means leasing remains the most favorable option for fleets planning new equipment acquisitions.

Additional financial wellness metrics that should be taken into consideration include:

  • Sales tax analysis
  • Comparative cost analysis to determine the optimal time to upgrade equipment
  • Diesel vs EV Comparative cost analysis
  • Per unit P&L
  • OEM Equipment Cost Tracking
  • SWAP Rates
  • Residual Values

“We have always felt it is important to offer a holistic data analysis and guidance to set our clients up for financial success,” said Brian Holland, President and CEO of Fleet Advantage. “Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to helping our clients build a proper strategy and asset management plan that maximizes financial flexibility in their equipment life cycle, regardless of the direction of the economy.”

“Trade cycles that fleets normally operate may not currently be available, and if they are the costs are constraining,” said Jackie Jacobs, CLFP, Senior Fleet Transaction Analyst & Project Manager for Fleet Advantage. “We have long believed that leasing is a proven strategy to preserve cash flow, optimize asset utilization and provide maximum financial flexibility. Our lease versus purchase analysis and data analytics resources helps fleets review the cost of their operation and find ways to navigate the current difficult climate.”