Lineage (the “Company”), one of the leading temperature-controlled industrial REIT and integrated solutions providers worldwide, today announced the groundbreaking of an expansion of its Foothills facility in Calgary, Canada in an effort to meet the growing needs of Lineage’s customers in the market. The strategically located facility is expected to serve as a center of excellence for customers who aim to export meat and other products to Asia and other markets around the world.

Expected to add 30% more capacity, the expansion is expected to include 1,500 pallet positions for blast freezing, a critical feature for the export of products like protein. Additionally, the Foothills site is expected to feature expanded dock space, doors and close in proximity to Lineage's local transportation hub as well as intermodal rail facilities for efficient movement of containers to and from major Western ports.

“As we continue to expand our presence in Canada, the Calgary market serves as a critical location to meet the demand of existing customers and welcome new customers in need of export capability," said Ken MacLean, Regional VP in Canada. “As a leading logistics solutions provider, Lineage is excited to break ground on expanding the Foothills facility to better service the needs of the market once completed.”

Following the completion of the expansion, the Foothills facility is expected to span approximately 200,000 square feet, hold over 24,000 pallet positions, and serve as a center of excellence for export. This expansion is expected to bring Lineage’s total capacity in the Alberta market to over 75,000 pallet positions and shows our commitment to the region.