Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, today announced a new strategic relationship with ChannelAdvisor Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable brands and retailers to increase global sales. Arvato’s worldwide logistics fulfillment network combined with ChannelAdvisor’s multichannel commerce platform offers brands and retailers direct access to a full-service, centralized marketplace solution with hundreds of selling channels worldwide. 

“The online business is booming. Brands not only sell via their own web shops, but increasingly use various large, as well as country- and industry-specific marketplaces as part of their multichannel strategies to address new customers worldwide and thus increase their sales," says Ricardo Dittmer, Digital Officer Consumer Products at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. However, each marketplace has individual requirements in terms of connectivity, product information provided and logistics fulfillment. Ricardo Dittmer explains: "We are simplifying this integration for our customers. By working with ChannelAdvisor, we can offer them connectivity to all marketplaces with just one instead of separate individual integrations. No matter how far companies have already come on their own, together we can support them on their way to a comprehensive marketplace strategy.” 

Philip Morris is the first customer to take advantage of this. "Future-oriented and scalable processes are essential in order to be flexibly represented with our products wherever customers are looking for them," confirms Steffen Knör, Manager E-Commerce at Philip Morris GmbH. "Due to the successful technical integration and the close cooperation between Arvato and ChannelAdvisor, we see further opportunities for our business.” 

Brands and retailers can benefit from ChannelAdvisor's robust and comprehensive suite of automation and analytics tools designed to help their businesses transform and optimize their product data, manage inventory, pricing and sales orders from a centralized e-commerce platform. Consolidated management synchronizes data across multiple marketplaces, enabling Arvato’s customers to improve their online performance and avoid overselling. 

"Brands and retailers have complex business needs that demand turnkey solutions capable of streamlining their day-to-day operations and accelerating their e-commerce growth,” explains Derek Conlin, Senior Director Global Business Development at ChannelAdvisor. “From ChannelAdvisor’s platform, brands and retailers can access and efficiently manage their desired sales channels and order fulfillment. We’re thrilled to connect Arvato’s customers with scalable solutions, giving them a leading edge.“ 

ChannelAdvisor’s integration with Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is a plug-and-play solution for fulfillment, where additional services such as payment or customer service can be linked. Additionally, Arvato supports all marketplace specific fulfillment requirements, such as individual shipping specifications and return processes, up to being compliant with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. Arvato keeps the respective marketplace conditions permanently up-to-date, thus providing marketplace-compliant processing. 

Amid recent industry disruptions, brand manufacturers and retailers have the opportunity to leverage this new strategic alliance to connect with more consumers and deliver on their fulfillment promises. 

"Arvato’s powerful global logistics and fulfillment solution can help brands and retailers shore up their supply chain processes and expand internationally," adds Conlin. "We’re excited for the potential opportunities to help sellers outpace their competition.” 

They have access to the international network of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions with 85 distribution centers worldwide and more than two million square meters of warehouse space, where all processes for managing and handling complex global supply chains for worldwide acting customers are taken over.