Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, today announces it has received an official carbon offsetting certificate for 2022. The credential has been presented by international climate consultancy EcoAct and endorses Asendia's 2022 promise of becoming 100% carbon neutral.

Since the start of 2022, Asendia has offset all emissions associated with international transportation, as well as those associated with first-mile collection, last-mile delivery, returns, building emissions, machinery, and business travel. 186,884 tCO2e was offset by Asendia supporting UN CDM certified wind farms in China. 'The Gaolin Project', located in Yunnan province and Liaoning province, promotes the use and development of renewable energy. It has covered so far the construction of 88 wind turbines with an average capacity of 1,605kW each, for a total of 141.3 MW installed.

Since established in 2012, Asendia has placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, expanding this strategy in response to growing concerns about the environmental impact of supply chain operations:

  • 2016-2020: Asendia offsets emissions on international transport, within and from Europe, caused by its transport suppliers (scope 3)
  • 2021: Asendia offsets emissions on international transport, globally, caused by its transport partners (scope 3).
  • 2022: Asendia offsets all international transport emissions caused by its transport partners (scope 3), including first-mile collection, last-mile delivery, and returns. Asendia also offsets building emissions, machinery, and business travel (scope 1 and 2).

Offsetting has supported UN Clean Development Mechanism-verified wind farm projects in India and China.

Asendia's commitment to sustainability has enabled it to:

  • offset a total of 517,838 tCO2e over a three-year period.
  • support UN Clean Development certified wind farm projects.

Commenting on Asendia's recent achievement, Barbara Schielke, Chief HR & CSR Officer, says: "International distribution is a key contributor of the world becoming more connected. Asendia, one of the biggest worldwide logistic suppliers, is striving to ensure that our impact is as minimal as possible. We are absolutely delighted that we have received the carbon offsetting certificate for last year, and that our efforts aren't going unnoticed."

Marc Pontet, CEO at Asendia, says: "We are dedicated to sustainability, and this lies within the heritage of our company. At Asendia, we are committed to upholding our heritage and have devoted ourselves to ensuring sustainability is one of our main credentials. Announcing that we were to be 100% carbon neutral last year was a significant step, but we are thrilled to be leading the industry and we will continue this into the future."

Asendia 2023 offset emissions will continue to support the UND CDM wind project in China. Supporting wind power carbon offset projects:

  • stimulates economic and social development in communities.
  • helps conserve natural resources including land and forests.
  • helps overcome the initial costs of setting up a wind farm.
  • promotes renewable energies.