After the successful refloat and removal of the DALI, the Baltimore Captain of the Port has opened the Fort McHenry Limited Access Channel to commercial vessel traffic. This channel now has a depth of 50 feet. Below are updates on bookings for direct loading and discharge on the upcoming voyages.

Bookings open:

Transpacific Service

  • TP20
    • Imports to BAL - BSG Barbados 423E – ETA July 14
    • Exports from BAL – BSG Barbados 428W – ETD July 15
  • TP12
    • Imports to BAL - YM Trust 422E – ETA July 13
    • Exports from BAL - CCNI Andes 423W – ETD June 17

Transatlantic Service

  • TA2
    • Imports to BAL - JPO Libra 421W – ETA June 12
    • Exports from BAL: Maersk Garonne 423E – ETD June 6
  • TA5
    • Imports to BAL: MSC PINA/421W – ETA June 20
    • Exports from BAL: MSC Arica 424E – ETD June 14

AGAS service

  • Export from BAL - Dubai Express 422S – ETD June 1

AMEX service

  • Import to BAL – Nele Maersk 417N –ETA June 11 (departing Cape Town, SA – May 23)
  • Export from BAL – Nele Maersk 422S – ETD June 11

If you have any questions or need further information on your cargo, please reach out to your local Maersk representative. Our teams are on hand to support with your planning, should you need any assistance.