Carnival is one of the longest and most important holidays in Brazil.

Although the official holiday is not until March 5 this year, which falls on a Tuesday, Brazilians enjoy the celebration for four consecutive days, starting on March 2, the Saturday prior. In some regions, such as the northeast part of the country, the holiday can last between six to ten days, depending on the specific city. During this period many companies and businesses cease activities and suppliers pause operations.
It is important that companies are prepared, as Carnival starts making an impact the week before the holiday. During that time there is an increase in fuel sales, since many Brazilians travel to other cities and states to visit family members or spend the time with friends. Airports, ports, roads, tolls and hotels are also impacted. Many cities are affected, including cities known for typical street carnivals, such as Olinda (Pernambuco), Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais) and Rio de Janeiro.
"Businesses should plan their logistics strategy well in advance of the holiday. We review the critical steps with our colleagues at Dachser Brazil in detail to make sure our customers’ supply chains continue to run without major interuptions," explains Vincent Touya, Managing Director Dachser USA.
How to prepare:
    •    Create an adequate inventory, considering the entire Carnival period.
    •    Inform your logistics provider of your priority shipments as space may be limited, so they can reserve space on commercial flights for shipments that cannot be delayed. Rates may be higher, but this measure will keep your supply chain running smoothly.
    •    Book shipments well in advance of the Carnival.