The UK is planning on leaving the EU soon. This brings a lot of questions to the surface, yet there are few answers. What we do know for sure, however, is that Greencarrier Freight Services has all the permits and bonded warehouses in place and is ready for shipping.

What will be the impact of a full Brexit for my company?

There is an ongoing discussion between the EU and UK to reach an agreement for trade. The most likely outcome of the discussion is that all goods in and out of the UK will be followed by a customs procedure. In the long run, you will probably see a trade agreement.

But while the plan for the UK is to leave EU on 30 March 2019, there will most likely be a 21-month transition period, in which the new rules can be put in place and companies can prepare for changes. This is why you shouldn’t expect a final trade agreement before 1 January 2021.

When the transition period ends, the EU and UK are expected to have a free trade agreement, but since negotiations are ongoing, nothing is final yet. In other words, until 2021 there will most likely be no Brexit-related trade and customs changes that will impact your company.

Dates to keep an eye on

1 January 2021. If the UK leaves EU on 30 March 2019, most of the legal effects of Brexit will apply as of 1 January 2021, after the 21-month transition period.

30 March 2019. In there is no agreement, there will be no transition period and EU law will no longer apply to and in the UK as of 30 March 2019 and customs procedures will be affected immediately.

How can I prepare for shipping my goods in the UK and EU?

The new agreement for trade may have an economic impact on your company. This is why you should make sure to be well prepared. Here are five tips on how you can prepare for future shipping in the UK and EU.