Hot on the heels of the dynamic shifts in Air Freight capacity and demand, Broekman Logistics introduces a dedicated Global Air Charter Desk to the benefit of its clients and partners. This new addition to the service package of Broekman Logistics is in line with the new course of the forwarding activities for Broekman Logistics.

The Broekman Air Charter Desk is managed by Ton Smulders. This well-known Air Freight veteran brings four decades of experience, insights and detailed knowledge to the service offering.
Together with the dedicated Broekman teams around the Globe, the Broekman Air Charter Desk offers innovative solutions to time and capacity driven client requests and guarantees the swiftest response time to any request for the solution, the alternative solution and the respective pricing. Practically from anywhere to everywhere around the globe, because that is what Broekman Logistics is all about: Global reach with a personal touch.
To paraphrase Cor de Man, General Manager International Freight Forwarding at Broekman Logistics: “supply chains shorten, demands rise, capacity is not a given and expectations skyrocket: this will increasingly call for Air Charters or Part Charters to fill gaps in elaborate supply and demand chains . In this dynamic field, Ton Smulders and his team will gladly provide the solutions to our clients supply chain challenges”.