International freight and logistics insurer TT Club has announced two new appointments to senior positions as part of its planned succession program. Kevin King has been promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Mark Argentieri to Chief Operating Officer (COO) in place of King. Both King and Argentieri have been working closely with TT’s CEO, Charles Fenton, in recent years ensuring a smooth handover of responsibilities, as Fenton positions the Club in anticipation of his stepping down from the CEO role at the end of 2023.

Beyond then, Fenton will remain close to the business, having assumed the role of Chairman of Thomas Miller Holdings (TT’s management company) in 2021. He will continue to support Manager’s relationship with the TT Club Board and the promotion of the Club internationally.

King is a twenty-six-year veteran of Thomas Miller, having held positions in a number of its managed businesses in the United States before moving to London in 2015 to lead TT’s EMEA region and more latterly serve as its COO.

Argentieri has led the TT team in the EMEA region for the last three years having previously gained experience with both TT and the London Market in a range of marine classes of insurance including port and terminal, forwarder and logistics operator cover. His EMEA leadership role included responsibility for the growth of the business and its service delivery. Argentieri’s management skills have reinforced TT’s reputation for delivering a superior service for Members across the underwriting, claims, and loss prevention functions, and he continues to look for new ways the Club can add value to the membership.

Together these two senior executives will help sustain TT’s tradition of specialized expertise in the global freight transport arena while advancing the Club’s position on ESG issues; carefully adopting the benefits of data mining and AI technology; maintaining industry-leading loss prevention activity, and maximizing member retention and growth.