What: Global logistics company C.H. Robinson has automated the process for carriers requesting cash advances making it more efficient and effective for them to get paid while on the road. What used to be a manual process, now, through the tap of a button carriers are able to instantly request 60% of their payment, 24/7, through the Navisphere® Carrier App. Carriers are paid instantly after they’ve confirmed load pick-up.

Background: In today’s market of declining rates, high diesel prices and overall cash flow being squeezed, carriers are increasingly looking for convenient and quick access to payment. By automating the cash advance process, C.H. Robinson not only provides quick cash flow, but has created a more user-friendly experience ultimately saving carriers time– all through the tap of one button. Digital cash advance is available 24/7 for all carriers after they have confirmed a load pick-up.

“We are always looking for new ways to leverage technology to better the carrier experience,” said Cody Griggs, Director of Enterprise Product Management. “We all know that the last few years have been really challenging due to market conditions. By making it easier and faster for our carrier partners to access their money, we are adding another layer of efficiency and convenience for the trucking community. We listen to the needs of our carriers so we can continually innovate and introduce new ways to support the valuable work they do.”

Carriers that request a cash advance get a code immediately delivered to their mobile phone, enabling them to receive digital payment within seconds. In addition, C.H. Robinson has also automated the process for signing up for Quick Pay, which used to require filling out a PDF form.