MUNICH, Germany - Descartes Systems Group announced that is using the Descartes pixi Warehouse Management System (WMS) to seamlessly handle high back-to-school order volumes across Europe.

“We have partnerships with more than 10,000 schools, and our warehouse ships a broad range of SKUs and packages daily during the back-to-school season,” said Alexander Giersz, CEO and co-founder at Calcuso. “The Descartes solution easily scales to support peak volume demands and is instrumental in helping us meet our tight 24-hour fulfillment windows while maintaining 99% positive customer feedback.”

“As we are evaluating the possibility of expanding operations in North America, the solution can play an important role in helping us achieve equally high standards of customer service,” added Kilian Kallee, CEO and co-founder.

Using the Descartes pixi WMS, ecommerce merchants, such as Calcuso, can automate warehouse management and fulfillment processes from order receipt to shipment processing and returns management. As Calcuso consumers place orders online, the Descartes solution communicates seamlessly with the company’s existing ecommerce platform, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, carrier platforms and external sales channels to help Calcuso control its entire supply chain with minimal manual intervention. By streamlining fulfillment, reducing processing and shipping errors, the system helps companies handle large seasonal shipping peaks with minimal additional labor.

“We’re pleased that our solution is helping Calcuso target exceptional customer service standards despite extreme peaks in demand, a complex ecommerce supply chain and international expansion,” said Dirk Haschke, VP, Sales DACH & Ecommerce Operations at Descartes. “Descartes has proven capabilities in delivering some of the industry’s most advanced B2B connectivity, customs, ecommerce fulfillment, shipping, and home delivery solutions for growing ecommerce enterprises.”