With the Transport Order module of the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform, cargo-partner offers customers an easy way to submit transport orders. To further simplify and speed up order creation for its clients, the company has now introduced a Quick Transport Order feature.


International transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner uses the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform for its worldwide transport management to provide full transparency and efficient collaboration throughout the supply chain. With SPOT Transport Order, cargo-partner offers clients and partners a simple way to submit transport orders that is time-zone independent, more error-proof and significantly faster than order submission by e-mail. 

To make order creation even easier, cargo-partner now offers a new feature: Quick Transport Order. In contrast to the existing standard Transport Order feature, Quick Transport Order consists of only a single screen, enabling order creation with just a few clicks. This new function is suitable for all transports by air, sea and road that do not include dangerous goods, transport insurance, temperature control or other special commodity requirements. 

The first customers have already begun to use the new feature and are convinced of its benefits: “We often have recurring shipments, so SPOT Transport Order is a great help because we can simply copy and paste from one shipment to the next. This saves us a lot of time and helps prevent input errors. And with the new Quick Transport Order function, we can transmit orders even faster”, states Michel Szczepanski, CEO of PREMIUMPACK GmbH. 

SPOT was launched in 2000 and has received numerous add-ons and improvements since then. Accessible from any device via web browser and mobile app, SPOT started as a simple tracking tool and has since grown into a comprehensive supply chain management system, with modules ranging from Purchase Order and Transport Management to Warehousing, Reporting and Parcel.