Carmichael International Service, one of North America’s largest Customs Brokerage and Trade Compliance companies, announces the launch of the ‘Carmichael Dashboard’ to their website.

Carmichael’s new Dashboard will allow customers to have a high-level snapshot of their shipment clearance status, view how many entries are waiting to be cleared, identify any customs holds and much more. Customers will be able to drill down into specific entries to see more detail. Another exciting feature, customers will have the ability to instantly generate over 25 Key Process Indicators (KPIs) by simply entering a date range.
Vince Salvo, Carmichael’s Vice President of Technology stated, “Whether we’re working on big features or small ones, it’s always our goal to continually improve the user experience on the Carmichael web tracking portal, and it’s especially exciting to work on implementing new ideas based on feedback we receive from our customers! This new Dashboard is our most recent and ambitious project in what we anticipate to be a growing need of all of our customers.”
Todd Boice, President of Carmichael, added, “We’re very excited about further enhancing our website for our customers. Access to timely data is critical in today’s dynamic trade environment. The initial reaction to the Dashboard has been extremely positive. Several of our customers have already told us the Carmichael Dashboard will literally save them hours of work every week and make managing by exception much easier. I am grateful to our New York Manager, Asim Faiz, who led this successful project.”