Meeting the growing demand for zero-emission technologies for commercial transportation and logistics, Carrier Transicold spotlighted an expanded portfolio of eCool™ transport refrigeration products at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in California. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

Among its developments, Carrier Transicold revealed that its Supra eCool truck refrigeration unit rollout will begin with two versatile models and announced collaborations on new commercial evaluations of trailer and truck technologies, including an emerging development for light- and medium-duty trucks.

“This is an exciting period for our industry as it transitions away from traditional systems reliant on fossil fuels to clean electric technologies,” said Dave Kiefer, Director of Product Management, Carrier Transicold. “For transport refrigeration customers who are planning to add electric vehicles to their fleets for greater sustainability and regulatory compliance, Carrier Transicold offers the unrivaled strength of a refrigeration system portfolio built on well-established E-Drive™ all-electric architecture.”

At the ACT Expo, Carrier Transicold spotlighted the following eCool battery-electric transport refrigeration developments:

• Supra eCool truck refrigeration series – two single-temperature electric truck refrigeration units, the Supra e9 and e11, for 14- to 28-foot straight truck applications. Highly versatile, both will support battery-electric vehicles or those powered by internal combustion engines.

• Supra eCool commercial evaluation by Performance Food Group – In a collaboration with Great Dane and Navistar, Carrier Transicold’s Supra eCool unit will undergo commercial evaluation by Performance Food Group Company (PFG) using all-electric refrigeration technology on a battery-electric truck for sustainable, direct-emissions-free distribution of refrigerated and frozen food.

• Pulsor eCool unit evaluation with Motiv Power Systems – One of Carrier Transicold’s newest electric transport refrigeration solutions for light- and medium-duty battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), its Pulsor eCool unit is being placed into service as part of a commercial evaluation program with Motiv Power Systems.

• Vector eCool refrigerated trailer system – The Vector eCool system is a high-performance sustainable system for moving large quantities of refrigerated goods. The system takes advantage of PreSetPlus® eHub™ system from ConMet eMobility to generate and store electricity. Carrier showed a fully functional Vector eCool system used by global foodservice distribution leader Sysco, which is adding more of the trailers to support its sustainability initiatives since piloting the system last year.

The featured Carrier Transicold eCool products use R-452A, a refrigerant with significantly lower global warming potential than R-404A, the longtime standard refrigerant used in most transport refrigeration systems.

Additionally, Carrier Transicold’s Lynx Fleet™ telematics platform can be used with transport refrigeration units in the eCool family to provide remote temperature monitoring, unit location and movement details, as well as battery status and system performance.