Lowest OOS and Best Overall Audit Scores

Budd Lake, NJ -  Consolidated Chassis Management is proud to announce the recipients of its 2018 Maintenance Partner Award program.  The 12 recipients are recognized for performing exceptionally well for work completed in 2017.  Awards were given in two areas:  Lowest Out of Service Percentage and Best Overall Audit Scores.

“CCM takes great pride in providing safe and roadworthy equipment. We wanted to recognize our maintenance partners in each of our pools for their outstanding performances for best overall scores and lowest percentage of Out Of Service violations based on our pre and post audits. These maintenance partners have performed exceptionally well during the year and we are proud of our partnership with them,” said Jon Poelma, President and Chief Operating Officer. 

For the first time this year CCM gave special recognition to a maintenance partner not based on their scores but rather their efforts throughout the year; Cooper Ports America.

“Cooper Ports America has done a superior job with helping the pool both in work production and quality; absorbing and turning repairs on repos from other pools and cities beyond normal expectations,” Poelma said. “We would like to thank Cooper Ports America for their attention to meet our need to handle increased chassis demand.”

While the industry voices concerns over shortages in mechanics, IANA’s task force is making great headway in creating a chassis mechanic training and certification program for technical schools to ensure future intermodal chassis mechanics receive proper training and that current mechanics are performing at the highest level.  CCM’s own Marty Summers , General Manager of Maintenance Administration and this year’s recipient of IANA’s Chairman’s Award, has lead this task force, IANA’s Intermodal Chassis Mechanics Training and Certification Task Force, as part of an effort to support the development of mechanics and maintenance partners in the industry and ensure the safe equipment on the roads.

The 2018 award recipients are:

Lowest OOS

  • COCP:  ConGlobal Industries, LLC
  • DCCP:  North American Enterprises, Inc.
  • GCCP:  IMCG Maintenance and Repair, LLC
  • MCCP:  Container Maintenance Corporation
  • MWCP:  M&J Chassis, LLC
  • SACP:  CPI Enterprises, Inc.

Best Overall Audit Score

  • COCP:  ITS Technologies & Logistics, LLC
  • DCCP:  Intermountain Welding and Equipment, Inc.
  • GCCP:  K&R Repair Service, Inc.
  • MCCP:  IMCG Maintenance and Repair, LLC
  • MWCP:  Southern Intermodal, Inc.
  • SACP:  ITS/Coastal Great Southern