, a cloud-based supply chain integration platform that improves the flow of data across the supply chain, has been recognized by Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) as an emerging cloud middleware solution.

“In a fragmented and ever-changing global supply chain landscape, effectively exchanging data is the only way to compete,” said Brian Glick, founder and chief executive officer, “At we’re helping our customers get product where it needs to be, on-time and at a reasonable cost by automating the manual work that causes delays and inefficiencies.”

As noted in the BVP report authored by Mike Droesch and Alice Deng,“The supply chain industry needs a new wave of data infrastructure, workflow automation and collaboration platforms.” The report goes on to say ”the biggest opportunities in this industry will come from cloud-based systems that can tap into existing data wherever it resides, harmonize it, and make it accessible across teams.”’s unique platform is backed by a standardized “canonical” data model that acts like a universal plug, allowing modern systems to talk to legacy ERPs without the headaches of traditional integration.

“We agree with Bessemer’s view that the supply chain industry’s future is bright if it can innovate, digitize and modernize, and we’re eager to help with that mission,” added Glick. “There’s a perception digitization needs to be a long, complex project, but can help improve agent efficiency, reduce time on emails, increase shipment visibility and boost revenue with data integrations that can be delivered an order-of-magnitude faster than traditional enterprise projects.”

The BVP report also emphasizes, “Now that supply chain resilience is such a high priority for many executive teams, we expect to see a substantial step up in supply chain technology investment from large enterprises, similar to the way that other categories like cybersecurity became C-suite priorities and garnered larger budgets after major security breaches.”

“Resilience isn’t only about redundancy,” shares Glick. “It’s also about speed to react. With, our customers can onboard new partners and adjust processes rapidly allowing them to shift with the changing realities of the global supply chain.”

In fact, 93% of supply chain leaders said that they have plans to increase resiliency and only 11% cited budget constraints as a reason that resiliency efforts might not be a priority. provides a simple and efficient solution to keep up with competitors as resiliency within the supply chain relies heavily on usable and actionable data available at your fingertips within seconds, rather than hours.