MGI worked with Thales to integrate blockchain technology into its Ci5 Cargo Community System so that clients can act as trusted third parties when key statuses are validated for the release of goods from shipping terminals.

This innovative module now makes MGI the first Cargo Community System (CCS) provider in the world to offer integrated blockchain technology in their new Cargo Intelligent System, Ci5. Transactions that generate goods tracking statuses are verified through a consortium validation system made up of the system’s clients.
In practical terms, for imports, Ci5’s Final Release, which authorizes the release of goods from the shipping terminal, is obtained when the Shipping Release, Forwarder Release and Customs Release statuses are validated. These statuses have been “blockchained” in Ci5 so that they are obtained through the consortium, which acts as a trusted third party. Each event that creates a new status is therefore tracked and cannot be altered or falsified. This way, through Ci5, blockchain technology adds an additional tracking and security layer for supply chain events. “The expertise provided by our partner, Thales, enabled us to incorporate blockchain technology into our Cargo Intelligent System, Ci5. It’s a brand-new innovation for this type of system. Besides improving the security and traceability of transactions, blockchain technology essentially makes all the operators that use Ci5 trusted third parties,” says Alain Perez, Director of Information Systems and Operations (DSIO) at MGI.