APM Terminals announces the launch of its “Clean Truck Express” lane at its Pier 400 Los Angeles terminal starting December 5th in support of sustainable transportation. This dedicated lane is exclusively for vehicles registered in the Port of Los Angeles “Clean Truck Program.” By providing a dedicated lane for these trucks, APM Terminals aims to reduce gate-in times for customers, thereby minimizing energy consumption, promoting lowering emissions, and improving operational efficiency. This approach reflects APM Terminal’s commitment to environmental stewardship and supporting its customers in achieving their sustainability goals.

Expanding Sustainable Practices

With its goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2040, APM Terminals globally is committed to expanding access to sustainable logistics. Pier 400’s express, first piloted by APM Terminals Gothenburg, underscores the terminal’s approach to anticipating the future of transportation and its dedication to a cleaner environment.

“This initiative is not just about reducing emissions; it’s about redefining industry standards and helping our customers and communities transition towards sustainable supply chains,” said Jon Poelma, Managing Director of APM Terminals Pier 400.

Collaborating for Environmental Impact and Customer Value

The express lane is a result of Pier 400's collaborative effort with local trucking communities and industry leaders. Invited guests to the formal ribbon cutting ceremony included representatives of Performance Team and HUDD brand with their growing fleet of Volvo and BYD Class 8 EV trucks, as well as IMC, which is the largest marine drayage provider in the U.S.

“Congratulations to APM Terminals for being the first Marine Terminal Operator (MTO) in the San Pedro port complex to add an expedited service lane for Zero Emissions Vehicles!” said Jim Gillis, president of the Pacific Region, IMC. “We hope that other MTO’s follow suit as we believe that aiding those truckers investing in zero emissions technologies will only accelerate the adoption of these vehicles, ultimately resulting in a cleaner environment for Southern California.”

By the Numbers:

• Approximately 3,000 trucks pass through APM Terminals Pier 400's truck gates each weekday, with over 850,000 truck transactions in the past 12-months.

• Nearly 1,200 trucks are registered in the Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program.

• Initial truck turn time studies point to a potential savings of about 9 minutes per turn on average in the express lane as compared to conventional lanes. Savings can increase significantly during peak hours.

• An estimated 34 pounds of Scope 1* CO2e emissions are eliminated per zero-emission truck trip as compared to internal combustion engine powered trips.

With regulations set to prohibit diesel trucks from registering in the California Air Resources Board (CARB) system by January 2024 and the state’s target for 100% zero-emission drayage trucks by 2035, Pier 400 anticipates a near doubling of the number of certified clean trucks eligible for its lane by the end of 2024.

APM Terminals Pier 400 will review and look to potentially expand its express lane initiative after a pilot period is completed. The introduction of these priority lanes is one small part of APM Terminal’s broader commitment to decarbonization and lifting the standard of responsibility to secure a sustainable future.