CTSI-Global, a leading global provider of business intelligence, Honeybee TMS (transportation management system), and supply chain consulting services, is steadily disrupting the logistics services industry by modernizing its IT systems and embracing the cloud, always keeping the customer experience top of mind.

Founded in 1957, the Memphis-based company started as a freight bill audit and payment services provider. Today, CTSI-Global sees itself as a highly flexible integration platform, connecting shippers, suppliers, carriers, and third parties by providing logistics management, freight payment/audit, and transportation management services on demand. The company serves over 20,000 carriers, and processes more than 5 million business transactions daily, exceeding $15 billion in transactions on an annual basis.

By steadily maturing its IT infrastructure and expanding its offerings via cloud deployment, CTSI-Global is shaping the future of the logistics services industry, continuously adding value for those clients who’ve chosen to outsource these key logistics management needs. By providing a single, trusted version of all the important data that affects their ecosystem partners’ logistics activities, CTSI-Global clients gain greater operational efficiency, increase supply chain visibility, and have better financial control, at far less cost.

What makes all this possible is CTSI-Global’s partnership with Cleo, whose ecosystem integration platform, Cleo Integration Cloud, provides the business process management underpinnings for delivering an ever-improving end-to-end customer experience.

“Adding Cleo to our partner ecosystem means CTSI-Global’s support of EDI, data, and application integration is second to none,” said Trey Willis, chief technology officer at CTSI-Global. “Cleo Integration Cloud enables us to optimize business transactions through API-based, EDI, or non-EDI integrations, so we can integrate nearly any content provider into our ecosystem. It reduces the level of effort required by our IT staff to support integrations. We have improved reliability and visibility with any type of integrations within our systems, from EDI for orders and deliveries, to carrier feeds for invoices, tracking feeds, and pickup notifications, as well as integration with suppliers for their purchase orders and advanced shipment notifications. Whatever a client needs, with Cleo we can handle it.”

How It Works

CTSI-Global’s B2B integration cloud integrates content from multiple parties to arrive at “one version of the truth,” regardless of what the application or end-user platform may be. Given its long tenure in the logistics space, Cleo is already connected with many of the world’s largest trading partners – UPS, XPO, FedEx, Coyote, DHL, CH Robinson, to name a few. At the level of daily shipper operations, the Cleo partnership enables CTSI-Global to introduce additional real-time operational dashboards, analytics, and configurable reporting with controls for business, operational, and technical users.

Having such integration flexibility means CTSI-Global can:
• Support the continually expanding array of trading partner network solutions and additional protocols.
• Deliver higher levels of guaranteed uptime and availability on data translation and data transmission platforms.
• Implement solutions faster and more efficiently through rapid client/carrier onboarding and easier connection with trading partners.
• Ensure a highly secure, distributed and resilient architecture exceeding SLA requirements.
• Reduce the burden on IT resources to support integration.

“We are 100% committed to remaining perpetually focused on the enhancement and maturation of our ecosystem platform, to make it as responsive as possible to our clients’ ever-changing needs,” Willis added. “Thanks to Cleo we are making file transfer (MFT) and electronic data interchange (EDI) processes easier, and by opening them to the API-first world of the cloud, we’re making it easier for our clients to succeed.”

“While Cleo is well known for innovation, when marquis customers like CTSI-Global get ahold of our ecosystem integration platform there’s truly no limit to what they can make it do,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO of Cleo. “CTSI-Global is a prime example of how an entire industry, in this case logistics, can be disrupted and improved through ecosystem integration technology. We are extremely proud to be a central fixture in CTSI-Global’s continuously evolving and customer-focused solution.”