Rockford, IL - Cleo, the global leader in ecosystem integration solutions, today announced the latest release of Cleo Integration Cloud—the collective capabilities of which make it the only cloud integration platform purpose-built to enable integration strategy and development teams to completely design, build, analyze, operate, and optimize all mission-critical supply chain B2B processes, on their own terms.

Mindful of the pent-up demand for greater integration confidence among users in the integration technology space, the new approach Cleo is bringing to market will give supply chain organizations a trio of strategic options they’ve never had before to manage all their end-to-end B2B integration needs. Now, companies can confidently handle B2B integrations any way they choose, and never again have to constrain their business strategy due to the limitations of outdated integration technology. The three choices Cleo gives supply chain organizations include: 

  • Build-it-Yourself: Design and build all their integrations themselves (self-service) on an intuitive platform—Cleo Integration Cloud—eliminating the need for high levels of integration skills and expensive consulting resources
  • Outsourced: Engage Cleo’s reputable managed services team to design and build integrations without sacrificing control or visibility, avoiding “black box” approaches taken by managed service providers or integration brokerages
  • Best of both worlds: Adopt a customized blend of both self-service and managed service to complement existing organizational skill sets and accelerate time-to-market

“Core to the success of modern digital businesses is availability of tools for the integration, monitoring, and control of data exchange between systems – whether these are between internal systems or with the systems of supply chain partners and customers. Most traditional integration tools and services take too much time to implement and adapt and can be too slow to analyze and remediate anomalies,” said Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst, 451 Research. “What can help overcome these limitations is continuous monitoring and control of integrations between internal and external IT ecosystems, offered as self-service technologies or managed services solutions, such as those now available from Cleo.”

Cleo’s new approach, combined with Cleo Integration Cloud’s other proven capabilities—like delivering real-time actionable insights for different organizational personas, and enabling EDI and API integration on the same platform—empowers technical and business users alike to make data-driven decisions, rapidly onboard ecosystem trading partners and applications, and speed up revenue-generating processes such as Order-to-Cash or Procure-to-Pay.

“Cleo helps companies drive unparalleled growth and profitability by expanding their digital ecosystems and accelerating core business processes, such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay. No other B2B integration solution offers both EDI and API integration from the same platform, to deliver the flexibility and agility supply chain companies need to stay competitive in today’s era of rapid digital transformation. With this latest release of Cleo Integration Cloud, we are truly taking integration technology where no provider has gone before – giving integration teams more confidence and credibility in delivering value for their organization’s stakeholders,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, President and CEO of Cleo.

All in all, Cleo’s new approach promises to make B2B integration faster, easier on those responsible for making it work, and a continuous value driver for supply chain businesses. The user-centric approach accompanying Cleo’s latest platform updates facilitates the entire lifecycle of a B2B integration – creating one of the most innovative solutions in the market to provide true end-to-end management and execution of business-critical processes with their ecosystems.

“At Venture Logistics, we treat each customer’s freight as if it were our freight; and having confidence in our integration solution is critical. With this latest release of Cleo Integration Cloud, we will get a ‘moving snapshot’ of every transaction, so we can make data-driven decisions and keep all parties informed in real time,” said Tom Jeffries, Director of Transportation Systems with Venture Logistics. “Cleo’s unique approach to integration provides more choice and control by combining both EDI and API integration capabilities on a single platform, as well as expert managed services support, putting us in the driver’s seat to accelerate our onboarding and streamline our end-to-end processes to deliver the outcomes our customers have come to expect.”