The inland repositioning of empty containers is a unique opportunity for CMA, allowing CMA to provide domestic rates for our Intermodal Marketing Company and 3 PL partners. Empty CMA containers are street turned or picked up at Inland Depots; loaded with domestic freight and sent to LAX-OAK-POR and SEA to be unloaded and returned empty for shipping to its’ next import reload location. CMA CGM has created the Domestic DRM Program to reduce the cost of empty repositioning and provide a benefit to Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs) and third-party logistics companies (3PL’s).

CMA CGM provides an industry leading Domestic Intermodal Ocean box reload program from major Intermodal ramps, Ohio Valley and west, to Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, and Seattle. Utilizing CMA owned and leased containers, 20’s, 40’s, 45’s, both standards and high cubes. CMA CGM publishes ramp to ramp rates in the United States for dense commodities excluding hazmat and restricted commodities. We have Depot and Street Turn options for your convenience.

CMA CGM Ramp to Ramp rates are much less costly than Highway and / or 53’ Intermodal. Domestic Reservations and billing are hosted on the Blume Global (now WiseTech Global) web site. IMCs and Brokers do NOT need a rail Intermodal contract to participate.

· Committed freight solutions service are offered in core BNSF & Union Pacific lanes.

· CMA CGM works directly with you, not the beneficial cargo owner.

· All street turn bookings are handled via the Avantida platform which allows 24/7/365 access for customers.

· Rail lanes are Intra-U.S. and Intra-Canada only. The Domestic DRM Program does not publish cross-border rates with Mexico and Canada.