CMA CGM, a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, achieved Model Level in the Elizabeth River Project’s River Star Businesses program for its global commitment to sustainability and local efforts around its U.S. headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

Community Leader in Overall Environmental Stewardship

CMA CGM America was recognized for Model Level achievement at the 2023 River Star Business Recognition Event on January 19, 2023.

Model Level recognition is attained when a River Star business documents exceptional accomplishments in pollution prevention and wildlife habitat enhancement and is also considered a community leader in overall environmental stewardship.

CMA CGM Recognized for Leadership in Protecting the Environment and Enriching Wildlife Habitats

CMA CGM’s local efforts included transforming a stormwater pond into a native habitat for local wildlife, improving the treatment of runoff from a large urban area. CMA CGM volunteers and Elizabeth River Project staff worked together to install 2,000 plants as part of the project.

Other initiatives included working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to support the planting of 5.5 million juvenile oysters, partnering with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to help protect the North Atlantic Right Whale by deploying two acoustic monitoring buoys on the East Coast, removing more than a half ton of trash and debris during several local beautification and cleanup projects, no longer carrying plastic waste on board its ships, and participating in projects designed to protect marine mammals through technology such as REPCET, SEA DETECT, and the LIFE-PIAQUO consortium.

Part of a Continued Effort to Find Better Ways of Protecting the Planet

As a leader in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, CMA CGM is committed to being stewards of the sea, not only in the communities where its associates live and work, but also globally. The CMA CGM Group continues to make conserving biodiversity one of the top priorities of its CSR policy.

The Group is also committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050 and is making significant investments to drive energy transition in the maritime shipping and logistics industry through bold actions such as the recent creation of its $1.5 Billion Fund for Energies.

Heather Wood, CMA CGM Director of Sustainability for North America, said, “At CMA CGM, we act for the planet for the planet and prioritize initiatives that advance biodiversity, decarbonization, and cleaner oceans. It is an honor to be recognized by the Elizabeth River Project for our commitment to sustainability and local efforts in Norfolk. We will continue to find Better Ways of doing business to lead the charge in planet-friendly solutions.”

Pam Boatwright, Elizabeth River Project Deputy Director of Administration & River Star Businesses Program Manager, stated, “CMA CGM’s actions in environmental stewardship, both globally and locally, are what earned the company Model Level in the River Star Businesses program. From its net-zero carbon goals to EV charging stations and the willingness of the company’s associates to don waders for planting native grasses in a stormwater pond, CMA CGM is definitely Acting for Planet! We are proud to include this shipping giant as a shining star with the Elizabeth River Project.”