In the effort to maintain a high service reliability and punctuality with our lead product NOURA service, CMA CGM would like to share the service improvement connecting Middle East to East Africa.

Effective from M/V CMA CGM MANET voyage 01 L17S1MA ETS Jebel Ali 03/01/2019
    •    Direct product with a comprehensive coverage of East Africa and Indian Ocean markets, Noura service will benefit of a 6th sister ship of 2,200 TEU to address the recurrent port congestion
    •    Mombasa is added in the port coverage to permit significant service improvement for Asia cargo bound to Somalia and transiting via Kenya hub

NOURA new rotation:
Jebel Ali - Mombasa - Mogadishu - Longoni - Nacala (fortnightly) - Beira (fortnightly) - Port Victoria - Jebel Ali