CN (TSX: CNR) (NYSE: CNI) is proud to announce the grand opening of its new transload logistics facility in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Target Steel, the facility’s first customer, will convert a large part of its traffic from trucks to rail for steel coils. This resulting streamlining of operations and removal of a substantial number of heavy-weight trucks off highways, is expected to reduce related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%.

“We are excited to open this state-of-the-art facility in Flat Rock. It is a testament to CN’s commitment to sustainable logistics solutions. This facility exemplifies our dedication to innovation, growth and environmental stewardship to power the economy.”

- Helen Quirke, Vice-President, Supply Chain and Business Development, CN

"Target Steel is thrilled to embark on this transformative journey alongside CN as we expand our automotive manufacturing capabilities. The addition of CN's transload facility in Flat Rock symbolizes not just a logistical solution, but a testament to the partnership and creativity between our companies. Together, we're not just moving steel; we're forging connections, driving innovation, and propelling the automotive industry forward with unparalleled efficiency and reliability."

- Michael Simone, Vice-President, Target Steel Inc.

“This project was a perfect fit for our Freight Economic Development Program, which covers up to 50 percent of the costs of a rail project that will improve access to the state’s rail system and keep our economy moving by increasing rail volumes. This grant will help CN’s customer gain access to the rail system, ensuring rail is a viable option for the movement of their goods."

- Peter Anastor, Director, Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Rail

Spanning 20,000 square feet, the Flat Rock facility is designed specifically for inbound train operations. Equipped with a 50-ton overhead crane and a 10-car track capable of receiving covered gondolas transporting steel coils, it will facilitate seamless transfer of coils from rail to truck, streamlining the distribution process.

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