The Drewry Container Port Throughput Indices are a series of calendar adjusted volume growth/decline indices based on monthly throughput data for a sample of over 340 ports worldwide, representing over 80% of global volumes. The base point for the indices is January 2019 = 100.

Drewry has developed a nowcasting model that uses vessel capacity and terminal duration data (derived from our proprietary AIS model) to make short-term predictions of port throughput.

Drewry’s latest assessment - November 2023

  • The MoM rise in volumes in September 2023 across the majority of regions – but especially North America, Greater China and Asia, (excl. China) – resulted in a 1.9% increase in the Global Container Port Throughput Index to 112.0 points. However, a steep reduction in port calls in October underpins the 8.4% MoM / 3.4% YoY reduction in October 2023, as indicated by Drewry’s Nowcasting Model.
  • The Asia (excluding China) Container Port Throughput Index hit new highs in September 2023, up 2.6% to 109.5 points, 7.4% ahead of last year. The rolling 12-month average growth rate in September 2023 was -0.5%, slightly above the global average growth rate of -0.8%. Drewry’s Nowcast Model indicates that volumes will have decreased significantly in October 2023, falling 8.6% MoM.
  • The North American Container Port Throughput Index jumped 7.4% MoM, reaching 109.1 points in September 2023, but remained 1.5% lower than in September 2022. The rolling 12-month average growth rate fell further into negative territory in September 2023, down to -12.5%, significantly below the global average of -0.8%
  • In September 2023, the European Container Port Throughput Index rose 1.2% MoM to 100.9 points, but remained 0.7% below September 2022 levels. The downturn is widespread - stretching from Gdansk (-10.1% YoY), through Rotterdam (-5.4% YoY) and Antwerp-Bruges (-13.6% YoY), to Valencia (-5.3% YoY) and Marseilles-Fos (-18.4% YoY).

* Note that the index figure for Africa is based on a relatively small sample, and so should be viewed with caution

# Index figures for September 2023 are based on partial data; figures for October 2023 are nowcast estimates based on AIS data; data for both periods are subject to subsequent revision