The sky-high rates for shipping containers during the pandemic have now triggered a lawsuit at the Maritime and Commercial Court, where the Danish retail group Flying Tiger Copenhagen is demanding DKK 500 million. DKK by the transport giant DSV, writes

"We have an ongoing case at court, and it is a claim of more than half a billion. DKK from our side. We expect our partners to live up to the agreements entered into. And we have a clear message from our lawyers and experts that we can with overwhelming probability win. That is why we are pursuing this case," says Managing Director Martin Jermiin, Flying Tiger Copenhagen to Finance.

The background to the dispute is disagreement over a contract that Flying Tiger Copenhagen entered into with DSV shortly before the Corona crisis broke out.

The contract was for two years and included shipping containers at a fixed price.

But according to Flying Tiger, DSV chose to raise prices anyway when the pandemic hit and freight rates

And the retail company perceives this as a clear breach of the contract at the same time that DSV did not deliver the space for containers that the company had been promised, writes Finans.

Flying Tiger initially chose to pay the increased price to get its goods home but is now trying to get the money back in the Maritime and Commercial Court.

According to Finans, DSV does not wish to comment on the matter.