dynaCERT Inc. (FRA: DMJ) (" dynaCERT " or the "Company") has announced that it has received from Earthood Services Pvt. Ltd., (“Earthood”) the final Assessment Report on Methodology for Improved Efficiency of Fleet Vehicles and Combustion Engines (the “Assessment Report’). This Assessment Report had been requested by Verra in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the applicable program rules of Verra.

dynaCERT has recently announced that if all findings by Earthood are closed out appropriately and sufficiently, Earthood would release its final report by end of November 2023. The Assessment Report has now been concurrently sent to Verra and dynaCERT by Earthood within the agreed upon schedules.

The Assessment Report supports the Methodology which will be used by dynaCERT to validate its Carbon Credits under Verra’s VCS Program.

dynaCERT’s proprietary HydraGEN™ Technology and HydraLytica™ Technology is designed to reduce carbon emissions in diesel engines.

The summary of the assessment conclusions of the Assessment Report is as follows:

The proposed methodology assessed in this report is based on the methodologies titled “AMS-III.BC.: Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets (version 3.0)”and VCS approved methodology VMR0004 entitled “Revision to AMS-III.BC to include Mobile Machinery (version 1.0)”. The VVB (Earthood) can confirm that:

• The proposed methodology revision complies with the Verra’s requirements/16/;

• The methodology form for its applicable version has been appropriately filled for all relevant sections;

• The application of tools, guidelines and other applicable document/1/(as mentioned in the methodology) is not altered;

• All relevant information has been consistently applied within the applicable sections in the methodology document.

Jim Payne, CEO of dynaCERT, stated, “On behalf of dynaCERT, I thank Earthood for delivering their Assessment Report on time, as previously agreed by Verra and ourselves. dynaCERT’s work to develop our unique Carbon Credit opportunities is advancing as scheduled and will greatly benefit the users of our proprietary HydraGEN™ Technology and HydraLytica™ Technology.”