Echo Global Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation management services, announced the launch of EchoDrive, a carrier-facing web portal and mobile app that displays Echo's available loads for the company's carrier network to bid on. This complements Echo's self-service shipping platform EchoShip. Both apps are built on EchoAccelerator, a flexible and robust proprietary architecture to support shipper, carrier, and managed transportation systems.

"Echo was founded on the concept that through our disruptive technology we could simplify transportation and bring efficiencies into the huge and highly fragmented transportation market," said Doug Waggoner, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer at Echo. "We first introduced an online shipping portal 12 years ago, and our new proprietary EchoAccelerator platform along with EchoDrive and EchoShip mark the latest advancement in Echo's ongoing digital evolution."
EchoDrive gives carriers the ability to book, manage, and get paid on freight hauled for Echo. The platform's load management tool and document upload capabilities streamline operations, keeping dispatchers organized and helping drivers get back on the road faster. EchoDrive users get real-time access to search, view, and bid on available freight, reducing the effort associated with finding freight for their available equipment.
"EchoDrive provides our carriers an efficient platform, available on the web and via mobile, enabling real-time visibility and driving efficiencies for our carriers to manage freight," said Dave Menzel, President and Chief Operating Officer at Echo. "This new capability now allows our carriers to view thousands of loads available on our open board. Our search capabilities enable carriers to quickly find strong matches at any time and provide real-time bids to book freight and keep their equipment rolling."
Jay Gustafson, Senior Vice President of Carrier Operations, noted that carriers are pleased with the new technology, which is built to support all carrier types, from owner-operators to large fleets. EchoDrive user Mitch Patitia, Vice President of Operations at ATS Freeway, commented on how the technology streamlines his booking process. "Since Echo developed EchoDrive, our dispatchers have greater access to available loads, increasing their possibility of booking a load," said Patitia. "The technology saves a lot of time for our dispatchers. They can now find loads with Echo and book them online any time they want."
Also built on the EchoAccelerator platform, EchoShip consolidates and simplifies shipping by enabling customers to build loads, store frequently used shipment information, and track shipments in real time. Shippers can also search, view, and pay all invoices using EchoShip.
Sean Burke, Chief Commercial Officer at Echo, indicated that feedback for EchoShip has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by EchoShip user Cheryl Ryman from Inter-Mtn. Enterprises Inc., a premier supplier to the snow resort industry. "All other online sites we've used from other logistics companies have been cumbersome and took forever," said Ryman. "EchoShip is much more intuitive. I'm looking forward to using it more!"
Other customers commented on the clean design, user-friendly experience, and the fact that logistics teams could use EchoShip without any training. The easy-to-use intuitive technology is customized to clients' needs and driven by digital innovation and design. By automating the shipping process, EchoShip empowers shippers to focus on growing their business and is supported by Echo's reliable, 24/7, U.S.-based customer support.
"Booking shipments on EchoShip is as easy as booking flights online," said Menzel. "It's the place to find the best rates, book with a click, and automate the day-to-day tasks that otherwise consume hours. It's technology at your fingertips and experts at your side when you want them."  
In addition to automating day-to-day shipments, EchoShip offers a host of tools designed just for shippers. For example, EchoShip automatically alerts shippers of potential issues such as excessive weight, expired quotes, or holiday transit delays.
EchoConnect, which is also supported by EchoAccelerator, is Echo's integration platform that enables the company to connect to thousands of shippers and carriers via Application Programming Interface (API) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology.
"EchoAccelerator, which is built on our proprietary architecture and integrates with best-in-class industry technology, allows us to re-envision how technology can streamline transportation management," said Miles English, Chief Information Officer at Echo. "The beauty of EchoAccelerator is that it allows for quicker deployment of enhancements based on shipper and carrier feedback. We will continue to roll out additional features for our products using this flexible and innovative platform."