New England Gains Big-Time Clout on Capitol Hill. With Democrats taking the Majority in the House of Representatives (no surprise), Massachusetts Congressman Richie Neal** takes charge of trade (NAFTA, China tariffs, trade deals), taxes, healthcare, CBP, and investigations of Trump's taxes and business dealings. He will be the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, arguably the most powerful Committee on Capitol Hill. 

But don't expect that a Democratic House and a Republican Senate will make peace and work together to get things done for the good of the country. The House is more liberal than before yesterday, and the Senate is more conservative. Moderate D's and moderate R's lost, replaced either by the other party, or by more 'radical' of their own party. President Trump's support in the Senate is even greater today than yesterday. Meanwhile in the House, D's vow to stop the Trump agenda, and chomping at the bit to issue subpoenas, investigate, even impeach him. 

So much needs to get done - healthcare, international trade, infrastructure, immigration. Can Congress get anything done, or are they more interested in partisan battles and headlines? Find out what might happen to the world in which we live and work, at the CONECT NE Cargo Symposium. 

** CONECT has had a long relationship with Congressman Neal, who has looked to CONECT as a voice of New England's trade community.