MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO - Level One Technologies is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership agreement with EureekaBI, a leading provider of web based rating tools, to give its customers the business intelligence they need to procure trucks at current competitive rates.

With the U.S. economy expected to grow at an annual rate of 3%, there is growing doubt whether the transportation industry is prepared to meet the increased demand for its services. For the past decade, the number of carriers and third parties serving the U.S market has declined, as evidenced by the number of carriers who have gone out of business and the number of small third parties who have been acquired by larger entities. As we enter into a period of economic expansion, Level One believes it’s essential for the remaining shippers and third parties to have access to reliable and accurate rating data, both current and forecasted, that will allow them to retain and attract carriers, by offering them competitive rates, both near and long term.

“The combination of Eureeka’s rating system, and Epay Manager’s electronic invoice presentment and payment platform will give our customers the tools they need, from procurement through settlement, to compete in today’s environment”, said Tom Whaley of Level One Technologies.

He added, “The combined tools will make our customers more efficient and profitable, and will cause them to view Level One as an indispensable business partner.”

Kevin Miles of EureekaBI says, “Eureeka is excited about the new capabilities this partnership brings to our current and future members. Along with Level One, we now have the ability to create a seamless flow of data that will streamline rate forecasting, quoting and the RFP process.”