Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd , Asia's largest offshore crew boat operator, has signed an MOU to jointly develop an Energy Storage System (ESS) with Terasaki Electric Co., Shift Clean Solutions Ltd. and RINA for the FOS Fleet as part of FOS "Green Initiative and Sustainability Program" to cut vessel carbon emission. The ESS system will be a containerised version where it will have a "Plug and Play" connection to connect with the vessel's Electrical System. Terasaki Electric Co. will be providing the in-depth know-how to upgrade the existing vessel MSB and PMS for the vessel electrical system while SHIFT will provide their latest State-of-the-Art Marine Approved Batteries and operational software (OnWatch) for the FOS's ESS system. RINA will be reviewing the ESS systems and will provide the "Approval-in-principle".

"FOS's "Go Green Attitude" is absolutely amazing! The way they talk about decarbonisation and how to help the environment really thrilled us. With this project, and many to follow, we are determined to show our commitment to working towards a better, healthier, and sustainable environment. We are happy to work once again side by side with Shift Clean Energy and RINA to support FOSs "Green Initiative and Sustainability Program". Together, let us contribute to cleaner seas." - Mr Ryo Katsuki of Terasaki Electric Co. (F.E) Pte Ltd

"We are thrilled to work with Terasaki, RINA and Fast Offshore Supply to electrify these advanced crew transfer vessels. It is a privilege to join forces with forward-thinking organizations and we know that this is only the beginning of an impactful and exciting project and wider mission to decarbonize the marine industry as a whole." - Mr Brent Perry, CEO and founder of Shift Clean Solution.

"The shipping industry faces unprecedented challenges as environmental regulations tighten. RINA is honoured to work with like-minded partners, FOS, Terasaki and Shift Clean Solution in providing a solution to comply with the regulations and contribute to reduction of carbon emission in shipping We are excited to be part of the MOU to create a sustainable future for the benefit of all maritime stakeholders and the environment." - Simone Manca, Regional Senior Director, Asia, of RINA.