Industry leaders, the United Nations, and civil society are coming together today to celebrate the first-ever World Sustainable Transport Day, officially marked on 26 November.

Sustainable transport connects people, communities, and economies in harmony with the environment, improving social equity and development while reinforcing safety and resilience.

World Sustainable Transport Day, to be marked every 26 November from this year on, will serve as a global platform, raising awareness of the pivotal role that sustainable transport plays in our lives.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “This new day, 26 November, is a special day for everyone to stop, reflect and recognise just how crucial transport, and road transport in particular, is in every aspect of our daily lives.

“Road transport services – trucks, vans, buses, coaches and taxis – are the lifeblood of economies and communities worldwide, moving people and goods across villages, towns, nations and continents. Road transport plays an indispensable role in driving the pillars of sustainable development – environmental, social and economic.

“As IRU, we are particularly proud as we proposed this day and helped steer it through the UN adoption process. Now let’s turn words into action. Let’s make 26 November a day to remember this year, and every year.”