FlyNow Aviation, a trailblazer in sustainable mobility solutions, proudly announces its participation in the upcoming COP28 Summit in Dubai. The company is honored to be participating as one of the sustainable startups in the Green Zone at COP28 to showcase its revolutionary CO2-neutral Mobility Air Vehicle and its mission towards environmental responsibility.

FlyNow Aviation seeks to redefine city mobility by prioritizing CO2 neutrality. With a keen focus on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market, FlyNow aims to contribute to the ambitious goals of UAE to cut emissions by 40% by 2030, positioning itself as a key player in the global effort to combat climate change.

According to Jurgen Greil, CEO, of FlyNow Aviation, ""We take pride in being a sustainable startup contributing to the environmental cause. Traditional transportation modes like cars, trucks, buses, and even air conditioning units contribute significantly to CO2 emissions. While the shift to electric vehicles is considered a solution, it comes with limitations such as traffic congestion and resource-intensive production. At FlyNow Aviation, we aim to make a lasting impact by relieving car traffic globally. FlyNow Air Vehicles offer a comprehensive solution, reducing environmental footprints, addressing traffic challenges, and providing a safer alternative to the traditional mobility.”

FlyNow Aviation competently positions itself as a game-changer in the mass manufacturing segment of the global mobility sector. The introduction of FlyNow Air Vehicles, featuring a coaxial rotor system, holds the promise of significantly reducing car traffic, noise pollution, CO2 emissions, and traffic jams worldwide. FlyNow’s innovative approach allows for higher load capacity with less power consumption.

With its already secured certifications, is setting an example for others navigating the certification process, FlyNow stands out as a leader in the industry.

“Economics, as the study of positive trade-offs, is key to bringing vital solutions and technologies to market. At FlyNow, we go beyond tackling traffic and emissions; we provide a one-stop solution to increase efficiency, reduce noise pollution, and save valuable resources, including wealth."" Greil added.

Amid escalating environmental concerns, FlyNow Aviation aims to demonstrate its dedication to a holistic CO2-neutral ecosystem.