This acquisition expands Fortistar’s strategy to produce, distribute and supply RNG as a transportation fuel across the United States

White Plains, N.Y. - Fortistar LLC, in partnership with Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCC), announced today that it has acquired two landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities, Greentree Landfill Gas and Imperial Landfill Gas, from EDF Renewables North America. Located in Western Pennsylvania, the two facilities have the capacity to produce 1.5 million decatherms of RNG per year—enough to power 1,117 natural gas trucks and displace 12 million GGE of diesel fuel.  Fueling trucks with Fortistar’s RNG, will reduce 107,485 metric tons of CO2 per year—equivalent to planting over 2.7 million trees each year.

RNG extracted from landfills is carbon-neutral and chemically identical to natural gas, allowing it to be to be used as a transportation fuel in natural gas vehicles and trucks. The growth in America’s natural gas fueling infrastructure spurred on by companies such as TruStar Energy, an affiliate of Fortistar, has paved the way for a commercially viable RNG industry.

“The acquisition of these two landfill gas projects is another milepost in our plan to sustainably expand and decarbonize America’s transportation fuel supply,” said Mark Comora, CEO, Fortistar and Chairman of TruStar Energy. “We are closing the RNG supply loop as a uniquely vertically integrated company, extracting it from landfills and moving it into renewable natural gas vehicles and trucks.”

“By converting organic waste into renewable natural gas for productive end-use, these RNG facilities will be beneficial to local communities, the transportation industry and the environment,” said Brian O'Connor, Partner of Infrastructure and Power at Ares. “This transaction is consistent with the Ares Infrastructure and Power team’s strategy of targeting new, environmentally-compliant assets and creating value for our investors through our hands-on operations expertise within the power generation, transmission and midstream sectors.”

For more than 25 years as a privately-owned firm, Fortistar has built, invested in and managed an unparalleled portfolio of successful clean energy generation projects in the U.S. and Canada. Fortistar’s ability to forge strong relationships with partners and local communities has been a hallmark of the company’s formula for success.

This acquisition is the next step in our Renewable Natural Gas development program we announced a year ago.  The combined Fortistar and TruStar Energy strengths and unique vertical integration provide an unparalleled platform to deliver the most value and seamless execution to both biogas suppliers and the end fleet customers utilizing the benefits of RNG.