Commenting on the results of yesterday's general election in the UK, Robert Keen, Director General of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) says that members of his trade association will be looking for the newly-elected government to deliver on its promises in regards to Brexit, the withdrawal agreement with the EU, and any future trade deal.

“For the last three years, freight forwarding and logistics companies have done all they can to prepare for Brexit in the face of huge uncertainties.
“The mantra of the new government has been ‘Get Brexit Done’ but that will only have any real meaning for BIFA members if the actual details of our future relationship with the EU are clear.
“That means providing them with assurances that they won’t face another no deal cliff-edge next year, nor a messy and disorderly exit from the EU.
“As the people who facilitate a significant proportion of the UK’s visible trade with the EU (and the rest of the world) they are looking for the government to avoid a no-deal exit from the EU and deliver a smooth transition giving companies time to prepare.
“They are also looking for the new government to push ahead with improvements to transport infrastructure, including the thorny issue of the expansion of capacity at Heathrow.
“In regards to a future trade agreement with the EU, I would urge the new government to seek and commit to a workable adjustment period once the details are revealed about the changes our members might face in regards to the movement of freight across borders. Now is not the time for arbitrary negotiating deadlines.”