“It's clear that Ontruck have married true innovation in the digital sector with a solution that matches customer needs and gives quantified benefits”

These were the words of the judging panel of the 2019 edition of the Loyd’s Loading List  Global Freight Awards in handing over the prize for Digital Transformation to the fast-growing digital freight platform, Ontruck. Having launched in the UK in early 2018, Ontruck has had ongoing success in delivering efficiency and service excellence to UK shippers and hauliers using their innovative technology. Attending on behalf of the UK team were Ludwig Arenas (Sales Director) and Jenny Reynolds (Head of FTL).

The Digital Transformation Award recognises innovative new processes that are revolutionising the forwarder - shipper relationship and it was clear for the judges to see that Ontruck’s digital offering continues to deliver on this. 

Dedicated to bringing bespoke, innovative solutions to European hauliers and shippers, Ontruck is not only bringing cost savings, efficiency and measurable productivity to each side of the marketplace but also alleviating the impact of environmental pollution from empty miles in the process to transform the road freight sector. The panel was particularly impressed with the outcome of a recent collaboration between Ontruck and one of the world’s largest freight companies. 

Ontruck is helping to shape an emerging logistics technology marketplace by introducing more flexible fleet models that can meet daily demands through a wide network of vehicles in real-time, while avoiding underused capacity during valley times or having to resort to extra capacity at a higher cost during peak times. 

As a result, shippers and carriers can both improve the ratio of collections per vehicle in wider distributions as well as lowering the high costs of having fixed, rigid feet models.

“We are delighted to be awarded this in recognition of the hard work Ontruck is putting in globally to deliver “true” market value in the markets we operate. We are lucky in the UK to have such experience and leadership in Madrid to help us navigate our way through the UK market in a year of hyper growth. I am immensely proud of my team in the UK who work hard each day to bring value to shippers and carriers in an effective marketplace function” says Samuel McGuirk, UK Country Director. “This year we have experienced a triple digit growth year, and this is an awesome validation of this growth from Lloyd’s, our thanks to them for this nomination” he closed.

With operations in Madrid, London, Paris and most recently announcing a new office in Amsterdam, Ontruck have their eyes set on delivering further innovation for European wide freight efficiency!