In 2018, the Group achieved strong financial results and hit the key targets in its sustainable development agenda. Faced with ever-changing market trends and macroeconomic uncertainties that are forcing it to constantly reinvent itself, GEODIS has brought its 2013–2018 strategic plan to a favorable close. This plan had three main focuses: turn-around, building on solid foundations and stepping up the profit.

Both financial and nonfinancial indicators, as well as external assessments that GEODIS has undergone, attest to the following progress:
-       €200m in cash flow from recurring operations,
-       14,136 new hires,
-       Recognized as a “Leader” by Gartner in its “Magic Quadrant” report,
-       96% of the company’s vehicles are Euro 5 and Euro 6, and are electric, hybrid or powered by natural gas
-       Gold level (overall grade of 70/100*) awarded in 2018 by EcoVadis.
To fulfill its mission—helping its customers overcome their logistical constraints—GEODIS relies on strong internal governance, a management system centered around excellence and innovation in its commitments to the environment and the community. Integrity is at the heart of the Group’s trusting relationship with its customers, and close attention is paid to skill development, as well as the health and safety of its employees. These assets, which make GEODIS a true orchestrator of sustainable logistical solutions, are demonstrated in the various case studies presented throughout the report.
Philippe de Carné, Business Development Director, Innovation & Business Excellence, notes: “Our goal is to accelerate our development in an increasingly competitive context, in which economic, social and environmental performance is crucial. As part of our commitment to reach industry leadership, our 2023 roadmap moves to create more value for all of our stakeholders and to build even more trust with our clients as a partner in their sustainable growth.”