LAKELAND, Fla. - ONE20 ELD abruptly announced on Friday May 18, 2018 that they were out of business, leaving thousands of truck drivers with electronic logging devices that will no longer function.

In the past month, drivers have been converting in the hundreds to the GeoSpace ELD from ONE20 ELD as a more viable option that does not require a monthly subscription for the single user version.

"At first we didn't understand, completely, why we were getting so many conversions from ONE20 until the announcement on Friday," mentioned Mark Rupert, COO of GeoSpace Labs. "We constantly get so many positive comments from drivers calling us to thank us for providing a simple working system. We have had a huge uptick in conversions over the last several weeks from many other products, but ONE20 specifically."

Now that GeoSpace understands the situation, and to assist hard-working drivers who are now stuck in a terrible position, GeoSpace is reducing the cost of its ELD by $100 with a picture of a now worthless ONE20 ELD. Just email the picture to [email protected], along with your name and phone number so one of our sales agents can call you and get you setup on the Geowiz ELD.

And good news, GeoSpace is providing you the deal you thought you were getting from ONE20, a single user Unlimited option ELD with no recurring monthly fee. Also, because of this ONE20 debacle, GeoSpace will 2-day ship your new ELD to you for FREE, at our cost, so you can make the transition before you are required to get off paper logs after eight days. Just send us that picture please to kick start the process.

"ONE20 attempted to copy our business model of offering a low cost electronic logging device as an option to the large predatory industry vendors draining truck drivers and fleets for millions of dollars in recurring monthly fees to meet the federal ELD mandate," said David Lady, CEO of GeoSpace Labs.

"However, building a company full of non-technical vice presidents is not a sustainable business model if you can not produce a fantastic product," Lady continued, "GeoSpace Labs has been such a success with drivers and fleets because our products are terrific. And they are terrific because our top management positions are also our top hands on producer positions, and we work hard producing results, we write code, we test products, perform R&D, and perform hands on support to our users, you name it."

About GeoSpace Labs. GeoSpace Labs, based in Lakeland Florida, offers several types of products, from vertically integrated transportation management systems to market wide tool kits designed to provide value to any line of business. GeoSpace currently has over seventeen thousand users across one hundred twenty-five thousand tracked assets. Our mission is to help make people safer, every second, every day.

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