SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – GPS Insight, a leading provider of fleet software to organizations with fleets of vehicles, trailers and other mobile assets, announces today their partnership with Netradyne to offer Driveri Dash Cams to their customers. Artificial intelligence cameras enhance driver safety by capturing and analyzing every driving experience.

Dash Cams Tackle Risk in a Whole New Way

“Organizations have long been using fleet software to monitor driver behavior, helping reduce unsafe driving such as speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration,” said Jason Walker, chief revenue officer, GPS Insight. “While receiving this information in reports can be of great value, video footage captured through in-cab cameras is helping fleets tackle risk in a whole new way. We can now see what’s happening from the driver’s perspective as well as in the cab of the vehicle. This helps organizations recognize and correct the highest levels of risk and liability within their fleet.”

Why Driveri Dash Cams

As part of their next phase in safety technology, GPS Insight was looking for a partnership that could provide the most insightful driver behavior data to their customers.

“Our selection of Netradyne was a result of their vision-based technology providing comprehensive insights into driver behavior, whereas many solutions only provide a narrow, event-based view from triggers such as speeding, hard acceleration or harsh braking,” said Shay Demmons, vice president of product, GPS Insight. “The difference in these technologies is analogous to having a fleet manager riding shotgun with their drivers at all times versus doing a ride-along for a couple of minutes per month to determine the overall safety of their fleet.”

The capabilities of the Driveri Dash Cam provide organizations with a much higher level of coaching information that includes positive feedback for their performance.

Key Features Include:

  • High-definition cameras that record in 1080p and provide a 360-degree view of the driver’s environment.
  • AI, vision-based analytics to identify traffic signals, following distance, stop signs, posted speed and U-turns.
  • An easy-to-use web application to review driver events.
  • Greenzone Scorecard to actively monitor safe driving behavior and provide coaching.