Border security continues to be a priority for all ports in the United States and jurisdictions in Europe, Africa and Asia.  The International Maritime Bureau has identified over 280 different ways to breach a container while leaving inert security seals intact. The Eye-Seal internal breach detection technology stands alone as the only platform with patents for a complete internal breach detection device installed inside overseas containers.  The technology helps port authorities, shippers and others to monitor each door opening and provide internal environmental conditions for containers throughout the entire logistic chain.  Overall, border and shipment security are expected to improve with the implementation of Eye-Seal's internal breach detection technology.

To bring this new technology to market, Eye-Seal has announced a recent undisclosed funding injection from Tito Investment Group (TIG) in Jacksonville, Florida and the Texas A&M Aggie Angel Network.  It also welcomes the addition of PROSS as a strategic distributor with key markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.  The partnerships are aimed at providing Eye-Seal with additional funds and distribution channels to increase manufacturing, upgrade the existing digital platform and impact shipping through smart intelligent container technology.
"We have tested and deployed our units in over 90 countries and partnered with companies who look for ways to protect their high value cargo from origin to destination.  Cargo theft and damage continues to be a multibillion dollar problem for the maritime shipping industry," said Enrique Acosta, CEO and Founder of Eye-Seal.  "We believe that containers need a complete internal breach detection system that is reliable and can last a minimum of 120 days to protect cargo in worldwide voyages.  Our partnership with the Tito Group and the Texas A&M Aggie Network provides added funding to enter key markets and deliver our groundbreaking technology."
"Our investment group is excited to join forces with Eye-Seal and looks forward to impacting shipping through improved transparency in the logistics chain.  We are confident the Eye-Seal team will show shipping lines and governments new revenue streams while protecting their client's cargo," said Barry Vaughn, former transportation and shipping CEO.
"Tito Investment Group is very excited about our recent partnership with the Eye-Seal team," said Steve Taylor, a founding member of the Tito Investment Group and Chief Executive Officer at AMPORTS. "Eye-Seal has designed container security technology that vastly improves the security of high value cargo in transit throughout the world. Cargo breaches are visible in real time and notices are provided of the time and location when a breach occurs. This is more than simply tracking a shipping container's location. TIG identifies investment opportunities in technology startup companies and provides capital, business direction and management oversight to support newly developing ideas."
Mike Wilkinson, President of Paragon Innovations and Board Member of the Texas A&M Aggie Angel Network, expressed the following, "The Texas A&M Aggie Angel Network proudly joins Eye-Seal and looks forward to shaking up the cargo and shipping industry through smart container solutions."