More than 7,000 Feet of Roadway Provides Access for Heavy Vehicles, Machinery; Connects Highway 90 to Gulf Inland Logistics Park

Gulf Inland Logistics Park, managed and developed by Liberty Development Partners, today announced a groundbreaking event to celebrate the next phase of Rolke Road and Riverbend Way construction within Gulf Inland Logistics Park on June 21, 2024, at 10 a.m. at the Rolke Road entrance to Gulf Inland Logistics Park located at 1336 County Road 493, Dayton, Texas.

“The groundbreaking is a celebration not only of the recent construction at Gulf Inland Logistics Park, but also the realization of the long-time vision for this unique manufacturing and transportation hub serving the Gulf Coast region,” said Paul Connor, Principal of Connor Investment Real Estate, a Houston-based private equity real estate firm focused on risk-mitigated investment strategies in residential, industrial, commercial development and ready-to-develop real estate. “With this milestone, we are delivering on the expectation that Gulf Inland Logistics Park will make a profound economic impact on the Dayton area and beyond.”

The first phase of construction on Rolke Road began in February 2024 and will be completed in August 2024. The first lane is complete and now stretches 7,000 feet from US Highway 90 to the entrance of Gulf Inland Logistics Park. The road is designed for heavy vehicles and machinery transporting materials and products to and from the logistics park. DEC Corp. completed the engineering, and Carter Construction is leading the construction.

The next phase of Rolke Road construction will extend within the boundaries of Gulf Inland Logistics Park, and a new road, Riverbend Way, will be constructed to serve tenants. Tammy Alexander, the City of Dayton’s Human Resources Director, was instrumental in helping name the new roadway.

“In the two years since Liberty Development Partners purchased Gulf Inland Logistics Park, we’ve worked tirelessly to make improvements including to Rolke Road, Stilson Road and construct Riverbend Way, as well as major updates to drainage, detention, and utilities, and we are excited to start the first phase of rail construction, which includes storage for over 600 railcars, this summer,” said Marcus Goering, Principal of Liberty Development Partners. “As a result, we’ve also welcomed four new tenants, including Phoenix Oil, Omnisource, Clay Development and Chemvest US Inc., with more contracts underway. We look forward to celebrating the team effort with our tenants, service partners and Dayton and Liberty County economic and government leaders needed to make such rapid progress.”