Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (“CoreAVI”) and Hensoldt announced today that Hensoldt has selected CoreAVI’s COTS-D hardware IP and graphics and compute software to provide a new generation of safety certified mission computers and display systems. The system will be certified to DO-254/ED-80 and DO-178C/ED-12C Design Assurance Level (DAL) A. The system will use the AMD E9171 GPU, AMD’s latest graphics processor that is provided by CoreAVI to the avionics and high reliability markets.  Hensoldt’s scalable and most advanced display and compute systems will address the need for both technology refresh requirements as well as deployments for new safety critical avionics programs.

Hensoldt’s new feature-rich avionics computing system offers the scalable power and high performance to meet the needs of a wide range of safety critical avionics applications. Purpose-built for graphics and compute capabilities with support for both OpenGL® SC 2 and Vulkan®, this highly flexible solution will offer enhanced video with 4K display capabilities and will enable parallel processing to host both compute and video applications concurrently. Having one partner provide the full system solution - from the GPU, to safety critical software, to certification packages - is key to speeding and easing Hensoldt’s integration efforts, and this collaboration between the two companies is designed to ensure this new solution offers customers the highest levels of safety and security without sacrificing features and performance.
"Hensoldt has been a valued partner of CoreAVI for many years," said Dan Joncas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at CoreAVI. "We’re looking forward to once again supporting Hensoldt in bringing to market a new hardware and software platform that provides its customers with the most advanced safety critical GPU compute and graphics capabilities that today’s avionics systems require."
CoreAVI has a long-standing partnership with Hensoldt as they supported previous generations of Hensoldt’s mission computers with AMD’s E4690 GPU, safety critical OpenGL SC graphics drivers, as well as successful completion of DO-254 and DO-178C certification. In this next-gen iteration, the companies will now work together to provide safety critical solutions based on AMD’s Embedded Radeon™ E9171 GPU featuring CoreAVI’s VkCore® SC Vulkan®-based graphics and compute drivers, VkCoreGL™ SC1 OpenGL application libraries, COTS-D hardware IP, and associated DO-254/ED-80 and DO-178C/ED-12C Design Assurance Level (DAL) A. certification packages.