Software development expert Andrew Knott to lead Hermes Logistics Technologies’ tech development, with a focus on cloud-native software as a service.

Andrew Knott, CTO at Hermes Logistics Technologies

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) appointed Andrew Knott as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), to drive application development and maximize software automation in the cloud.

Knott brings more than 25 years of experience in tech and software development to HLT, most has been in travel and aviation, including building cloud-native SaaS platforms for private aviation, as well as complex, large-scale travel platforms.

“Andrew is a seasoned CTO and brings a wealth of experience to our team, particularly in leveraging the latest cloud-based technologies for the benefit of our customers,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, Hermes Logistics Technologies.

“He has built SaaS products from scratch and has been delivering complex software products as native cloud solutions for ten years, so he is well placed to drive the continuous development of our cloud-based SaaS solutions at Hermes.”

The father-of-one has worked at CTO-level for 15 years, delivering high-capacity, reliable and secure applications for the airline industry, and has experience in machine learning and AI, building large language model (LLM)-based products in technical support applications.

“The Hermes core application is impressive, quickly adaptable, feature-rich and able to fit the many different and complex requirements of customers around the world, putting Hermes in a strong position for growth,” said Andrew Knott, CTO, Hermes Logistics Technologies.

“The Hermes SaaS product represents a huge opportunity to drive digitalisation in the air cargo industry, and when we combine that with the flexibility and efficiency of cloud hosting, the potential gains for customers are vast.”

Andrew will lead HLT’s strategy to develop the Hermes Ecosystem and increase digitalisation in the air cargo industry through API integration.

As CTO he will also support the company’s work to roll out fast, resilient, and secure implementations and upgrades to the latest Hermes cargo management system (CMS) through automation.

As a leading provider of cargo management technology, HLT is focused on developing cost-effective, future-proof tech solutions that drive operational efficiency for cargo handlers.